The City at Night (Alex)

It was a cold winters night, I was making my way down to Ultra beat nightclub as I was about to perform to 5,000 drunk ecstatic fans. Wondering to the back door as the dark cold ally soon became a bright light of sounds and colours as you could feel the base blasting throughout the floor. I made my way over to the team who brief me about what lights and pyro would be on my set. I then made my way to the stairs were you could only see a shadow of an image as the arena went to darkness. The DJ pass me and patted me on the back and said “good luck, I’ve warm them up for you” The crowd was waiting for my first appearance on stage. As I made my way up the stairs my heart rocket like a firework as I could feel the energy from the crowds. The music started to get louder with every step I took, then I appeared on the top step and all you could see was a wave of people dancing and screaming as you look apron a sea of emotion and power. I span my deck a blasted out the first tune. The reaction was like being hit by a train. The feeling is like none other as everyone cheered and started clapping their hands to the beat of the song.

My DJ set was only 1 ½ hour long but it felt like was only 5 minutes. As I performed I looked over to the right and see nothing but bright UV lights shining on the audience and pyro fireworks firing to my left. As I contracted on the music I was about to mix in , I took a minute to take a look at the crowd and I could see love and power beaming out of their bodies as they jump and raved to the beats from my decks then I dropped in the next song and they didn’t stop. They seem like nothing could stop there dancing all night; the more songs I played the more it powered them to dance all night. As my set came to an end the crowd chanted “Bazza D” over and over again. As I left the stage and walk back down the stairs I shuck hands with the manager who thanked me for an amazing evening and all I said was “this is just another day in the office” as I grabbed my decks I went back out to the cold dark night and vanished waiting until the next time the crowd wanted another tasted of my musical rave.


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