The City at Night (Amy)

I stepped out of my door into the chilly street. It was more busy than usual. Christmas Eve in the city was obscene. It was as if every person living here had a thought at the exact same time that they should complete their Christmas shopping the night before. All I wanted to do tonight was stroll down the streets and admire the Christmas lights but I couldn’t even walk a few steps without someone running into me and hitting me with their bags. I decided to take a different direction and see where it lead me, it appeared to be getting quieter and darker as I continued to walk. Any normal person would be terrified right now, but not me, I was enjoying the tranquil atmosphere, there were still a few Christmas lights on this narrow street so I wasn’t missing out too much. I just wanted to escape the usual hectic city night life. My eyes began to settle to the darkness and I could see further into the distance. I thought I heard music but I couldn’t decide if it was my ears playing tricks on me. I still wasn’t frightened despite there being nobody around. I reached the end of the street and there was a band stand fully lit up with bright, golden fairy lights, it was so Christmassy, I made my way over to a little bench inside it and sat down. I took a deep breath and sighed, I felt miles away from the city, it was strange to imagine that just a few metres away there were so many people running up and down the streets and in and out of shops. It felt really nice. I wanted to make a memory out of this so I danced around and laughed. My mind left me and I had no care in the world. I felt so happy, this was my new happy place. I sat there for hours, most of the night. I arrived back into the centre and it felt like nobody had been there earlier, I checked the time and realised I had only been at the band stand for an hour, it felt like hours though! I smiled and entered my flat, resting until the next morning where I could show my friends the new place I had found in the city. I wanted to share it with everyone.

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