The City at Night (Khansa)

It was a haunted city. It was dark, cold and raining. The sky turned black. Even so the lamp post lights weren’t on, but there was a massive house which had cracked windows and looked dirty and which always made scary noises. No-one went to that house. They believed it was haunted. But Sam didn’t know. She had to go in the house, because she was a homeless and didn’t know what else to do because it was raining, dark and cold and was going to thunder soon. So Sam broke in.

The city creeped her out. She walked through the door, the door was opened and the smell of a dead rat hit her. She touched the walls and can feel some liquid. She wasn’t looking where she was going because there was no light, you could hear screaming coming towards the upstairs. Sam walked and felt something hurt her foot so she looked down to see, but she couldn’t see so she felt the floor and it was a rotten orange which she couldn’t resist but to eat it, it tasted like a rotten fish she puked up with blood. She felt her pockets and luckily she found a lighter so she went up towards the stairs where she could hear the screaming and she could see spider webs all over the stairs, she didn’t want to look up at the ceiling she would have freaked out, so she got on the first top floor and the screaming were coming towards the attic so she went towards the attic stairs and the screams became more louder and near. As she went up towards the stairs she could see fresh blood on the stairs. She kept going until she reached the attic stairs and saw………………..

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