The City at Night (Maddy)

I shivered uncontrollably.

The winter chill was crisp, and made me catch my breath. As I stood waiting to cross the street, my breath turned into steam as I exhaled, curling up into the clear night sky, disappearing with the wind. Traffic rushed by, in a rush to get home out of the uncomfortable iciness of their black leather seated vehicle and into the warm comfort of their house. Another shiver ran down my spine as I wrapped my coat tighter around me, I thought of what I would be doing if I was at home right now; snuggled under my huge plush duvet, watching elf while a fire blazed across the room, radiating immense heat in the essence of the cold season.

I eventually managed to cross the road, dodging the vehicles that sped at me, and I arrived at the other side of the street, but in my haste had unfortunately stepped into I huge puddle of Arctic-cold slush. I knew Christmas away from home wouldn’t be right, but now I had to accept the consequences.

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