The City at Night (Niall)

A cold winter’s night on the 24th were I had just finished my drive time shift on radio and I was looking forward to getting home and settling in front of the fire with a nice cuppa coffee whilst watching the TV. I strolled out of the studio and said goodbye to the team and wished them a happy Christmas. I walked down the street with my jacket zipped up because it was getting below freezing and I had my gloves on because my hands were getting be like icicles. The street was deserted and the there were no cars about on one of the busiest streets in Manchester which is just outside the BBC studios.

There were a random drunk staggering around the street were only business people walk through the day, but the person didn’t look right, he was covered in blood and also his mouth was bleeding badly. I shouted to him ‘Excuse me sir, are you ok?’, he looked over at me and he started to growl like a viscous dog that is ready to pounce and then he suddenly started sprinting to me so I panicked and started to think that this drunk guy wasn’t a drunk guy at all, he was actually a zombie but I thought zombies only exists on Call of Duty games not real life. It has never happened before and I said to myself ‘ZOMBIE! It’s not true; please don’t let it be true’.

He suddenly stopped and my adrenaline was rushing through my body like I’ve just gone on my first roller-coaster. I stared at him for a couple of seconds until he turned to his left and ran down a dark alley-way. I waited a couple of seconds until I knew it was safe to go down, I sprinted to the alley-way and carefully looked down it and there he was with 2 other zombies, eating the flesh of this guy who just come out of the building next door, I then suddenly though what if they suddenly turned around and ran towards me, what would I do? Run? Or fight them off? I had to think of something and quick, so turned around and their I saw about 50 or other zombies wandering the streets of Manchester. They ran towards me, I was surrounded and they got me….

I woke up and I left my Call of Duty game on and realised it was just a dream and I went to turn my game off, then there was a knock at the door and there was a dark shadow at the door trying to knock it down…. So I picked up my rifle under my bed and shouted ‘Bring it on you flesh eating animal’


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