The City at Night (Tom)

An eerie silence swept throughout the street as I walked hurriedly towards my home. My sense of unease began to grow at the lack of cars and pedestrians; it was just gone 5 o clock, the time at which people could be expected to take to the streets in drones having just finished a day at work yet I was completely alone. As I quickened my pace, eager to shake this feeling of ill-being and get back to the safety of my own home, a nearby street light began to flicker, its cold unforgiving beam shone briefly upon something that appeared to be moving. My curiosity getting the better of me, I edged toward whatever it was, the closer I got the more aware I became of a muffled screaming sound. I began to sweat despite the wintery chill encasing the street, growing more and more nervous as I got closer but somehow I was drawn to this mysterious thing.

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