A Friendly Gesture


From scooter rides, to quiet drives along the rocky roads.

Or Madagascar madness, among the cinema rows;

He’s paid to do those flips and spins that wow’d so many crowds,

But should be careful where he lands, his feet should touch the ground.

Although he’s quiet, don’t be fooled, this guy likes to party.

But pass him some of those vodka shots, his heart would surely fail,

to withstand the sheer volume of alcohol that entails.

There’s so many words to describe this guy, but amazing springs to mind.

The life he dreams isn’t far to reach,

all it needs is time.


Jess Pickles

More of Jess’s excellent work is available at:


2 Comments to “A Friendly Gesture”

  1. Please could you quote my website in order for people to see some of my other work too? Thank-you.

  2. Quote sorted. I’ll work out a way of putting contributors sites straight through…

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