December 5, 2012

not man enough


we are the kids that know how to rock

everybody knows us cos we own this spot

people try and act cool when they hang with us

but cool is not enough cos

we’re bout to make beats drop

you’re always trying to be ahead of us

but you best




you’re just not man enough


(poem by Josh: L2 Acting for TV and Media)

December 5, 2012




Fear is the thought of being alone

Fear strikes us all and leaves us breathless

I sink to my knees alone

Letting the darkness swallow my soul

Alone to rot.



I curl up in the darkness feeling alone.

I look up seeing nothing, I start to groan.

A light – I see it – I head towards the light

Never again I will suffer this plight.


(poem by Nathan: Level 2 Acting for TV and Film)

December 5, 2012



I look all

around me, all

the people being

selfish, angry, rude,

Why can’t

people be kind

instead of always

being in a mood

people are everywhere

nagging, shouting, arguing.

With me

I just want to be


left alone.

With me.


by Peter (Level 2 Acting for Film and TV)

December 2, 2012

Depression Article

excellent article on depression by Amy Turk, yr 1 Journo

Amy Lauren Turk

“Depression is more than simply feeling unhappy up for a few days”

Most people will go through phases in their life when they aren’t feeling the best about things. For example, money, relationships, education and more, maybe they wish they were living someone else’s life. The majority of people will label this as ‘being depressed’ when really, that is the wrong definition.

Depression is a serious illness with real symptoms. It isn’t when you feel down for a couple of days and then everything is fine again, if you are suffering from depression you can feel persistently sad for weeks or even months. It’s a long term illness and it comes and goes over a long period of time. Depression is not a sign of weakness, neither is it something you can ‘snap out of’ by ‘pulling yourself together’ it is hard for people to understand people suffering from depression…

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December 2, 2012

Restraints: A short story.

Short by Amy Turk – nice write there!

Amy Lauren Turk

From the moment I saw her, I felt like nothing else in the world had a meaning. Her eyes were a deep, crystal blue, with skin as soft as fresh snow. I felt like it was impossible for anyone not to fall in love with this woman once they had looked into her eyes, they were so big, full of secrets, bad secrets, the kind you’re best not knowing. Yet something drew me to her, they made me want to know more about the kind of person she was, the kind of life she was living. I saw her every day, and I looked forward to it, every day. I had worked at the asylum for years, and not once had I built up the courage to even say hello to this woman. Hell, I didn’t even know her name. So how was it possible that I felt all these…

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December 2, 2012

newspaper article


Mark Clattenburg welcomed back to Premier League refereeing

Last night saw the return of Premier League referee Mark Clattenburg after he was cleared and accused of racially abusing Chelsea’s Jon Obi Mikel.

Exactly a month after taking charge of his last game, he was in charge of the 1-1 Premier League draw between Southampton and Norwich. Before the match was kicked off he got a standing ovation from both sets of supporters. Both of the managers last night said they were happy to see 37-year-old back refereeing.

The Norwich manager Chris Houghton said “He is an excellent referee, and I speak for most when I say we are delighted to see him back, he has a passion for what he does, he is very good at what he does and we need the best referee’s week in, week out.” The Southampton manager Nigel Adkins added “Of course I’m pleased to…

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December 2, 2012

Maddy on form!

November 23, 2012

Life Here Now (by Laura Brockbank)


There comes a point in every ones life at which goals seem limited. It is often due to an unexpected or traumatic event that this feeling becomes known.


The word goal is defined as ‘the aim or object towards which an endeavor is directed’. This does not mean that a goal has to be considered a big deal; it can be as small a thing as setting out to give up fatty foods to one as immense as setting out to climb Mount Everest.


When it becomes a struggle for you to reach your goals do you find yourself asking yourself  what it is that is holding you back (oftenin a frustrated manner). The confidence giving news here is that it may, not be yourself that is the problem. It can often be those around you.


While the loved ones are claiming to support you, are they in fact distracting you? Telling you, you’re wearing yourself out on the subject of your goal. It may well be true that their intentions are positive, however, their unforeseen effects can often become negative.


The easiest route to solve this is to tell them that you need to do this for you. After all it is you that needs to be in control of the goals you have set.


Often people offer what they believe to be constructive criticism, without realizing it is in fact being said and taken in an offensive manner. It is the smaller comments that often work themselves into one’s head and leave them feeling limited; in a way that leaves them unable to structure their thoughts.

Constructive criticism should be taken in a serious and positive way; while when someone gives you an offensive comment, it needs to be brushed off. Only you can offend yourself; it is so often internal.


Sometimes the things that stand in your way are unexpected and out of your control. They might well be, in fact, the factor that effect your progress the most. Often it is not the specific event that causes the great negativity but the way in which we deal with it. When things seem to be out of our control there can be a propensity to dwell on the negativity.


Although it is unfortunate that we don’t own a crystal ball and we can’t see into the future and prepare or prevent disappointing events. Instead, we have to let the unexpected happen and instead of wallowing in self pity we need to take positive action.


To do this you need to become fully aware of what is happening and what is preventing you from reaching your goal. If those things are within you, even if they are difficult, so be it.


When you have grasped the situation you need to become in control of it, allow yourself to be in control and prepared for whatever is around the corner.

After that, open yourself up from limited thoughts: if you have a dream, plan it, put it into perspective and work towards it positively and purposefully.


Make your life your goal.


Laura Brockbank is a freelance writer and journalist studying at Craven College, Skipton.

November 16, 2012

A Friendly Gesture


From scooter rides, to quiet drives along the rocky roads.

Or Madagascar madness, among the cinema rows;

He’s paid to do those flips and spins that wow’d so many crowds,

But should be careful where he lands, his feet should touch the ground.

Although he’s quiet, don’t be fooled, this guy likes to party.

But pass him some of those vodka shots, his heart would surely fail,

to withstand the sheer volume of alcohol that entails.

There’s so many words to describe this guy, but amazing springs to mind.

The life he dreams isn’t far to reach,

all it needs is time.


Jess Pickles

More of Jess’s excellent work is available at:

November 10, 2012

The City at Night (Emily)

I don’t know whether it’s an on-going mental disorder or I am in fact being followed home on a nightly basis. There’s something about the way that the shadows fall, lampposts certainly begin to take shape of looming characters stretching up to gaze over my shoulders. I suppose the fact that I jump out of my skin every time there is the slightest clunk, which does yes, every single time come from the depths of my bag. At the age of 27 I still run past those dingy alleyways lit only by one not so believable flashing sign offering massages.
I distract my mind though, you  know, I text. Although I often almost die of a heart attack when I was into a bin and for a second think I could of stumbled across a possessed child, ready to gauge out my eyeballs. It takes a minute to adjust my eyes, and have a whispered word with myself ‘yes, that is a bin, not a creepy possessed child with a knife’. Getting back to my texting, my footsteps seem the loudest noise in the world, the clunk of my heel slightly muted against the damp pavement , and when my phone buzzes in my hand. I freeze for a moment. Play dead. As if there is a Canadian bear on my case.  Honestly, if I ever do encounter anyone dangerous, my go to reactions are absolutely appalling.
Turning up the worst bit of my walk home, Apocalypse Street, that’s what I call it anyway. Every single lamppost is out, I’m plunged into darkness. I always use my phone torch, although ever since I saw a horror movie with a torch I’m terrified I’m going to catch a dead body in the small amount of light my phone produces. My ears seem to under-go some sort of super human transformation, I can hear everything. The slightest noise. The wind brushing a leaf along the ground sounds to me like the living dead dragging their half attached limbs getting closer. My legs move as fast as they can without running, because if they know your running they will catch up. Logic you can’t flaw right there.
I can honestly see how irrational I am being. I can tell myself a million times that the terrifying supernatural paranormal being that I am bringing into my make believe world of terror are all a figment of my imagination. It’s my mind running away from myself. I’m at my door now though, so close yet so far away. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, my daily torture nearly over.  Still over 100 metres away my hands in my bag and I’m fumbling for my keys, it takes ages to find them, that 10 seconds feels like 10 years. As per usual I almost throw the key at the door rather than attempt to unlock it, something to do with the uncontrollable shaking I think. Finally the key is in the door and I can feel my heart in my throat and my stomach in my chest, pressing down on my lungs so I can’t breathe. As soon as I’m through the door I slam it behind me almost breaking the door and slump to the floor with the relief that I can’t breathe again. Once again I survived the city. All a bit of on over reaction really.